Medical writing and bioethics

Company profile

Veronique Delpire BA Hons, PhD
Founded Words & Science in 2003 and developed the company as a publications management and writing service reference.
Veronique is a linguist with a PhD in bioethics from the University of Nottingham, who combines strong writing and communication skills with biomedical expertise.
Her professional background includes eight years of close involvement with EU projects and since 2000 she has worked as publications manager for the pharmaceutical industry.
Veronique is an accredited medical writer with the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA).

Anita Vanderpooten MSc, PhD
Joined Words & Science in 2005 bringing her expertise as a regulatory affairs and publications writer.
Anita is a biologist with a PhD from the Catholic University of Leuven and has a solid background in immunology, vaccine development, antiretroviral therapy and endocrinology.
She worked for nine years as a researcher in an academic environment and and since 2000 she has been a medical writer in the pharmaceutical industry where she specialized in regulatory affairs.
Anita is a member of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA).

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